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(Set of 2) Pinalloy Go Green Silver Tandem Axle Double Wheeled Kit Set for Skateboard Truck Longboard Skate 22 27 36

(Set of 2) Pinalloy Go Green Silver Tandem Axle Double Wheeled Kit Set for Skateboard Truck Longboard Skate 22 27 36

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Making MAX. 8 wheeled Penny / Skateboard / Longboard
Transfer your board available skating on ladder
Only (Set of 2) Tandem Axle Kit for turning a single truck into a double wheel unit

  • Brand: Pinalloy - Go Green
  • Material: High Quality Alloy
  • Weight: 140g / @
 Including in this kit:
  • (Set of 2pcs) CNC Alloy Tandem Axle Wheel Kit set
  • (4pcs) 55MM Black oxide Hardened Cap Screws
  • (4pcs) 8MM Nylock Axle Nuts
  • O-Ring 1 log
 Needed to Complete:
  • Skateboard / Longboard / Penny Deck
  • Trucks
  • Wheels
  • Bearings

Images shown Skateboard, Trucks and Wheels ARE NOT included!
They are for illustration purposes only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Scott Brandt
Tandem axle

Beautiful clean finish. Easy to install. High quality!!! Bought 2 sets for myself and just ordered another set for a friend.

Rob Carey
Good concept poorly executed.

This could have been an amazing fun product but sadly not enough care is taken to have accurate tolerances in the manufacturing process. The bore of the hole in the arms is oversize so the arm flops around on the truck axle. The bush inside the bore is also too short so you have to fit extra spacing washers on the shoulder of the truck hanger so the arm doesn't bind on the hanger stopping it from rotating. If you tighten too much it doesn't rotate like it should. Also the axle stubs are undersize so the skateboard bearings flop around on those too and again you need to fit extra spacers or speed rings on the axles on the inside so the bearings don't foul on the extension arms. Put that together and there is a lot of unnecessary clunking which will ultimately damage the trucks and the bearings. If a little more care were taken during manufacture this product would be well worth the price but sadly the quality control has let it down. Dear manufacturer if you want specifics I am happy to advise on how you can make your good looking product function as it was designed to. You probably won't post this review or pay any attention to my suggestions. But I would like to help you make a good product as I think there is merit in it.

jennifer Volkanovski
Amazing Add on

Thanks Pinalloy, looks good on mine



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