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What Are DSG Paddle Shifters?

Pinalloy Auto Accessories DSG Paddle Shift Extensions Paddle Shift

The DSG Paddle Shift Gear ("shifter") is generally an equipment of part behind of the steering wheel, and its function is to directly shift without passing through the gear selector of the gearbox. This device is widely used in sports cars, automatic and sedan cars.
 Pinalloy Paddle Shift Extensions for Volkswagen MK6
Shift plucking can greatly improve the maneuverability of driving, and by manipulating the shifter, driver only needs to paddle the gear into D, S or hand gear mode. Driver can complete the up and down gear operation without leaving the steering wheel. There are two ways to use gear shifters. The first is to reduce the gear on the left and add the gear on the right. The left shifter is to reduced and the right shifter is to ascend.
The operation is as follows: in the idling / driving of the vehicle, the gear position hung into the M or S gear (some models can also be operated in manual mode in the D gear state), and the shifter is used to add and subtract the gear by the way of finger "picking inward". After switching to manual mode, the corresponding shift information will be displayed in the computer display. Another way, both sides of the shifters can be operating as added and subtracted. The shifter of operation is slightly different from the previous one, the difference is that the addition and subtraction operation can be carried out on both sides of the shifters, this kind of shifter is more integrated in function, more controllable and more convenient to operate in many cases. Turn on the manual mode and then carry out the operation of plucking the piece with both hands and fingers. 
The 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG E43, which costs more than $10,000, has a maximum output power of 396hp and is equipped with a nine-speed automatic gearbox. The car shift plucking piece is powerful, can make the car reach the highest speed in an instant. By switching from D gear to manual mode, you can keep the engine running at a high speed before using the dial to switch to a higher gear. Accordingly, however, the driver must be very clear about how to use the shift plucks, and if they do not operate properly, they may damage the car.
Shifters were first used in racing cars, especially in many Formula cars. Because Formula racing cars are as lightweight as possible and pursue better aerodynamic performance, the cockpit of this kind of car is often very narrow, and the traditional shift lever can't fit in the cockpit at all. As a result, this novel shift is accompanied by a multi-function steering wheel and is widely used in the car, in addition to the throttle and brakes. Other operations on the car can be done on the steering wheel, simplifying the driver's operation and allowing them to focus more on the track. On the other hand, the racing technology itself has a tendency to reserve for the development of cars for the people. Soon, with the development of automatic gearbox technology, the function of plucking gear shift has also been used in ordinary mass production vehicles. At present, many medium and high-grade cars have been equipped with this part, with the corresponding function
For daily drivers, the role of gear shifts is to increase some driving fun and sense of fit, when the manual model gradually loses its market position. Gear shifts have become the only part that makes drivers feel "one man and one car". Although the automatic gear has developed rapidly in recent years, it is both fuel-efficient and fast, and the computer-controlled logical lifting gear has been able to meet the needs of daily driving. But at some specific times, the shift plucking seems to have become an essential existence. In the enthusiasm of the market, the development prospect is very bright.

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