Steering Wheel Shift Paddles 102 (FAQ)

Steering Wheel Shift Paddles 102 (FAQ)

Q: Why do steering wheel shift paddles become standard equipment for Top Model (high-end cars) and sports cars? 

A: The steering wheel shift paddles are an extension of manual shifting. Of course, the manufacturing cost will be higher, but the key point is "is it Necessary?". As long as the gearbox response and the  settings satisfy you, you don't specifically pursue the sense of control of manual shifting. The steering wheel shift paddles are not needed. It is an optional and to fulfill your "Passionate" brought by the steering wheel paddles is of course a must-have standard for top models’ cars and sports cars.

For many people,  it is very important to take controlling the shift (may be more often seeing in for sport+ cars users). As you can instantly get tougher suspension, faster throttle response, and more aggressive gearbox logic. You only need to concentrate on operating the steering wheel and the brakes.


Q: Why should the gearshift paddles of Ferrari and Lamborghini be separated from the steering wheel?

A: This is derived from the racing design of racing. The shift paddles will not follow the steering wheel as you must pay more attention to basic skills. The requirements of professional driving, the handling of entering the corner, braking and downshifting before entering it, and both hands must firmly hold the steering wheel in “cornering”, right foot drives the throttle to exit the corner, and then upshift after exiting the corner. If you down shift while entering into a corner, it means you are not really ready to enter in it.


Q: Is it necessary to add manual shift function to CVT gearbox?

A: The CVT gearbox does not have so-called gears, but continuous transmission, which means very, very many gears. As for the manual shift function of the CVT gearbox, it is to maintain the front and rear Puli mechanism within a certain range to create a fixed-gear manual shift effect.

The CVT gearbox with good transmission efficiency, simple structure and smooth operation is the favorite of Japanese small cars. The utilization rate of medium and large cars is also increasing. With the advancement of related technologies, the problems of soft start and insufficient shifting in the past have also been improved. Back to the CVT manual shift mode, this function is simulated, but it is definitely not virtual. The CVT manual shift mode can also maintain the effect of the gear reduction ratio, which can provide a certain amount of fun and effect.

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