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Pinalloy Synthetic Cashmere Steering Wheel Cover for Audi A4L - Pinalloy Online Auto Accessories Lightweight Car Kit


Pinalloy Synthetic Cashmere Steering Wheel Cover for Audi A4L


38cm steering wheel Synthetic Cashmere Steering Wheel Cover for Audi A4L


  • Suitable Vehicle:
    • Match the steering wheel diameter: 38cm
    • Compatible for Audi A4L
  • Type:
    • Red Rope No Mark (with DSG Paddle Shifter)
  • Why buy?
    • OEM leather steering wheel cover is a good replacement for a damaged or worn out original stock steering wheel. It enhances the interior and improve sales by boosting the value in your car.
    • Protects the original new steering wheel.
    • Makes your thin steering wheel thick and easy to hold on to.
    • We can customize your leather steering wheel to your desired look upon your request and let the design you choose to be as unique as yourself
  • Material Feature: Use top quality synthetic cashmere that. Our synthetic cashmere steering wheel is anti-slip, odorless, easy to clean, soft to the touch, breathable, and age resistant
  • Important Notice: Please check the steering wheel cover over the original stock steering wheel. No need to remove pre-existing leather steering wheel cover from stock. Once it is finished, it will look more like it came with the car you drive, but yet no one else has your unique style
  • Please MAKE SURE your stock steering wheel is the same as the one desired in our photos otherwise it will not fit

Please note:

  • Sample Pic: 2017 Audi A4L

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