Tips101 - Efficiency Improvement

Tips101 - Efficiency Improvement

The more the car runs, the weaker acceleration. Where is the problem?

Once your car has been driving for a while, the power of engine is obviously getting insufficient, and even if the throttle speed is increased, the acceleration could not be increased quickly. Your car feels dull and boring, and honestly this is getting frustrated!

There are many reasons, and it might be problems in 1. the oil circuit system, 2. the air intake system, 3. the circuit system, etc., and we found the culprit is usually the trash (carbon deposit) in the engine.

Frequently long-term idling, low-speed driving, ultra-short-distance driving, and long-time in-situ hot-cars can cause insufficient fuel combustion into the cylinders and turn into carbon deposits, and these trash could occur in various parts, such as valves and combustion, the intake pipe, the fuel injector, etc. It leads to weak of acceleration, the idle speed is shaken, and increased the fuel consumption.

What if your car also has difficulties to start off the engine, it could be some sort of blocking in the fuel filter. You shall check if there are problems like a gasoline filter, or oil circuit system. It hardly to tell to be honest. 

The fuel filter is present in the lubrication system of the engine. Its main function is to filter out the moisture and impurities in the gasoline. It could be blocked for a long time, and the time of blockage is also related to the oil.

When the gasoline filter is clogged, the engine will generally be poorly supplied, resulting in insufficient combustion of the mixture, resulting in a decrease in engine power. There is a noticeable jitter when idling; when you refuel, the power is slower; when you are going uphill, you will feel a walking is a better choice.

In the case of severe blockage, the car may even have difficulty starting or even starting, so the average car can travel to 30,000 to 60,000 kilometers, and preventive replacement can be considered, otherwise the filtering effect will be greatly reduced.

Is your car running inefficiently? If so, check it out!

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