Tips for using Volkswagen DSG gearbox

Tips for using Volkswagen DSG gearbox

Volkswagen (“VW”) DSG gearbox, aka “dual-clutch”, is an iconic representation for the car fans. It is equipped with their signature TSI engine. Golf 1.4 is the most popular, with high efficiency, low fuel consumption, and known for its “direct and straightforward” transmission, and it has become one of the most exposed cars in the streets. However, everyone seems to be very concerned about the DSG reliability or the maintenance in recent years.

DSG Gear Box

Since the DSG gearbox design follows the manual gearbox principle, if you want to maintain it more effectively, owners who are accustomed to driving automatic gearboxes should pay more attention to their driving habits. For example, try to use the accelerator to accelerate and the brake to decelerate and stop when encountering traffic jams or sloping roads, just as driving a traditional manual model car will avoid prolonged suspension. As for the replacement of gearbox oil, it is recommended that car owners change the oil every 60,000 kilometres or six years. It can be strengthen the drive transmission system and to ensure the effectiveness of the operation parts.

Pinalloy DSG Paddle Shifter Extensions for Volkswagen MK7

How to play DSG dual-clutch system?

DSG dual-clutch gearbox is composed of two independent manual gearboxes and the clutch, which are responsible for accelerating and decelerating, while the traditional stepping on the clutch is done by the electronic system. It is conceivable that the dual-clutch gearbox not only easy to control on the automatic wave, but also has the advantages of transmission and high fuel efficiency.

In the early stage, DSG gearbox was already as standard setup for the sixth-generation Golf, and VW’s current private cars also use different models of DSG gearboxes (except e-Golf). Take the new Polo Sport as an example. The power heart is a 1.0 three-cylinder TSI engine with a 7-speed DSG gearbox, which outputs 115 horsepower and 20.1kgm of torque, with fuel consumption as low as 4.7L/100km.It give you fun and practical, the gear shift response is simple and quick, and the performance at low revolutions is particularly good. The transmission is directly like a thin version of Golf, and fans can always switch to manual mode and enjoy, while enjoying the convenience of the automatic gearbox and the fun of the manual car.

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