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The longer the car is driven the louder noise you suffer? Follow these 5 Steps!

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Many car owners have encountered this problem - The longer the car is driven the louder noise you suffer. Why and how does this happen? Let's check out the steps below to resolve such matter.

  1. Tire Aging


Due to the direct contact, the aging rate will be much faster than other parts. So when the tires aged, replace the old tires in time. Good tires produce less noise and ensure safety driving.

  1. Belt Tightness


When the engine belt is not tight enough, the engine will produce noise during work, which seriously affects the driving experience. In this case, adjusting the engine belt in order to be prevents noise.

  1. Engine Oil


Engine oil is an important component of engine lubrication, which can affect the operation of the engine. What if there is a problem with the oil, like the viscosity of the oil is too high, the engine operation is likely to cause problems (the lubrication effect is deteriorated), and the “rub”/ “friction” of the engine during operation is increased and resulting - NOISE.

  1. Gearbox Sump/ Ottomans

Older cars will make the external vibration of the engine, and more obvious due to aging of the machine will cause extra vibration of the engine. In this case, some parts of the engine shall be replaced in order to reduce the external vibration noise.

  1. Sound Block


Beside point 1 -4, you still feel that the noise, maybe there is problem with the soundproof system. Check out every inch of your car with Sound proof setting. You also could check out our Pinalloy Carbon Sound Proof Strip as one of the options.

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