Project Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5) - Pinalloy Evaluation (F&Q)

Project Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5) - Pinalloy Evaluation (F&Q)

Q. Why did you choose to buy this Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5) in the first place?

A: I like Golf, but I have heard about some problems with DQ200, so the goal is to directly focus on the GTI model of DQ381, and I also want to have a more enthusiastic car, so I will be in 2019. Bought a 7.5th generation Golf GTI.

Pinalloy Project MK7 R

Q: Have you encountered any problems or common problems when you own a Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5)?

A: I have driven about 46,000 kilometers so far, and I have encountered the warning horn being pressed twice. I am not sure if it has something to do with my engine room wash. Besides, there are a lot of abnormal noises in the car, other than that, there is no problem, and the proper rate is not bad.

Project Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5)

Q: Is the maintenance cost of the Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5) high? How do you feel about the service in the Flowserve Maintenance Factory?

A: I have been driving for three years, and I go back to the original factory for maintenance every year. The Golf GTI is maintained at about 6,000 to 8,000 yuan once, which is not much different from a friend's Toyota. What is really expensive for Flowserve is that the amount of replacement parts is scary. Maintenance is fine.

Project Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5)

Q: Have you used any tires on this Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5)?

A: Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5) modified tire experience evaluation - owner charging station
Q: How does it feel to drive the Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5) on mountain roads and race tracks?

A: I don't drive so aggressively on mountain roads, and the speed is just a little faster than the average person. Switch to Sport Mode when driving on mountain roads, and it shifts well and is smart enough to back out of gear on its own if it's uphill ahead.
Q: When I drove the Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5) off the track last time, I asked Coach Jeffrey. Do you have any experience?

A: Because this is my first time off the track, I would like to say that it would be safer to find a coach, just drive slowly, I am afraid that I will rush out if I drive too fast and exceed the limit.

Pinalloy Project VW MK7

Q: In the condition of the original Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5), are its brakes and shock absorbers sufficient for off-track?

A: In fact, it is not enough. The original brakes can only brake at 100m in a large straight line at the beginning. In the last few laps of the current festival, you have to catch 125m or 150m before braking. The brake pads and brake oil may not be enough. To change to a better one. I don't feel much about the shock absorber, maybe because I haven't used a better shock absorber (laughs), but with my current technology it's fine.  In the engine part, the tail speed in a large straight line can reach 170km/h at the beginning, and after a few more laps, it is about 160km/h. The drop is quite large, but it does not jump out of the warning message.

Pinalloy Project VW MK7

Q: What car do you want to replace next?
A: Because I am getting married recently, if I have children, I may choose a station wagon such as the Audi A4; if I don’t have children, I should try the two-seater Fun Mazda MX-5. car. No matter which one I buy, I will keep this Golf GTI to drive. If I buy a station wagon, the Golf GTI will become a Fun Car; if I buy an MX-5, this Golf GTI will maintain the daily function.

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