Steering Wheel Paddle Shifter 101 (FAQ)

Steering Wheel Paddle Shifter 101 (FAQ)

Q: Why do we need to use DSG Paddles Shifter?

A: The gearbox is a power transmission system, while in various driving conditions such as acceleration, deceleration, cruising, and running, the gearbox ought to constantly process “switch up”. In the era of traditional manual gearboxes where the clutch needs to be stepped on, the shift is completely under the control of the driver. On the other hand, the trip computer of automatic gearbox will do all the shifting actions no matter whether it is automatic or manual. You can turn into D mode all the way and nothing has to be worried. (otherwise, how can it be called automatic?).


Q: Why do I need to shift gears manually?

A: It is because once you feel that the gearbox shift speed is not fast enough, the built-in logic of the gearbox does not fulfill your handling and when you want a take more control component, in short, this automatic transmission cannot meet your needs. You have to manually control the gearbox upshift and downshift.


Q: Why add DSG Paddle Shifters on the steering wheel? What is the benefit?

A: You should know that keeping your hands on the steering wheel is an unchanging driving code throughout the ages. Adding a manual shift function (DSG Paddle Shifter) on the left and right sides of the steering wheel can reduce hand movements, and the driving process can be faster and safer. The steering wheel shift paddles are the same as manual gear shifts, by operating interface from the gear lever to the left and right sides of the steering wheel. The advantage of this action is improve your shifting faster and safer, and the driver does not need to move the right hand (left hand for right-hand driving) to operate the up and down gears. This seemingly lazy design simplifies driving. Well, it can also save shifting time, say if it can be reduced by 0.2 seconds each time, it will save 20 seconds for 100 shifts (LOL).


Q: Are there other designs?

A: Yes, we get various paddle shifter extenders and evolving into more intuitive paddle designs.

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@Artur SOBRAL what do you mean fixed in the car? You shall put up an extenders on top of ur paddle shifters (either a stick on version or a replacement version)


I need to know if sail , for Portugal, a Wheel for golf 4 variant, year:2000 and if it s fixed in the car thanks


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