Pinalloy's Paddle Shifters extension for the MK7 GTI/R

Pinalloy's Paddle Shifters extension for the MK7 GTI/R

Our laser cut extensions are crafted to the smallest details to provide our customers with quality feel, perfect fit and OEM look.

Our team of engineers have designed our product from scratch, giving them a sporty and sharp feeling. At the first touch, the driver will feel the "Aluminum" base right at his finger tips giving him a more confident grip. The extended length of our product gives more stability while getting out of sharp corners, which the OEM ones lack.

Pinalloy's state of the art laser cut technology and extensive research, created this amazing product. The Paddles fit perfectly on top of the small OEM shifters. Covering the OEM ones, three holding screws lock in the desired angle, leaving the extended paddles motionless with no room to move. An easy, one time installation for less than 5mins is needed to instal our product. Save money by our DIY videos available on our YouTube page. A step by step video will guide through the installation phase to be fully satisfied with our product. This will save you money on technical assistance.

Either Red, Blue or silver our designers have picked the most blending colors to have the same OEM look. After installation is complete you will realize how much our Paddles blend in with the car's shape and colors. The (+) and (-) signals are embedded within the shifters so that the driver has a clear view of them.

Our product comes with free standard shipping that is included within our competitive price.

Try our award winning Paddles today, and write us on any comment to enhance this product in the future.


Aldo C. Abi Habib

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