Pinalloy Forged Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Cover for MK7 GTI

Pinalloy Forged Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Cover for MK7 GTI

Forged Carbon Fiber always use in first tier supercar, they represent prestige and classy. We put it together along with the modification kits; bring your cars gleam looking and a unique characteristic appearance.

Forged Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Cover for MK7 GTI

We have a trail on the mirror cover for few months, and it has been doing amazing. It has been not only providing an attractive appearance, but also providing a high protection of the side mirror.  

In addition, this version of carbon mirror cover has been improved by reducing the cleft in between the mirror cover, and the integrating degree is better than most of previous products.

In our experience, in the mods market carbon mirror cover would only last 2 – 3 years as it would depreciation, and since that we pay more attention on the surface and making sure it would last a bit longer.

Ultimately, our company had built up a different method to satisfy both sides of demands through the discussions time after time. As our staff will provide you with the necessary service and it’ll make our product better use.

Without any doubt, protecting the outside mirror of car is necessary as it’s not unusually to break it. Our beautiful outside mirror cover could bring you a nice outlook of your car and save the money for repairing your car too. Nice look with fine quality is our best product. 

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Sorry we do not ship to Mexico now. They do work fine on 2019 MK7.5 Golf R


Hi, how much is the pair of forged carbon fiber side mirror covers? Do you ship to Mexico?
Do they Fit a 2019 MK7.5 Golf R?

Don Golf R

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