How would you do if there was a visible sized stone in your lane at the high way?

How would you do if there was a visible sized stone in your lane at the high way?

When driving, it is inevitable that you will encounter various unexpected situations, especially at the high way. If you were not react properly, you would be in danger position. For example, a visible sized stone in your lane, would you immediately brakes or switch lane to avoid it?

Some people would prefer immediately braked and switch line to avoid it. However, this is quit a high risk if the speed is too fast, and it may cause an uncontrolled accident and lead to a rollover. It is better to slow down first, turn on the Hazard Warning Lights and then choose the appropriate method.

If the stone on the road is relatively small, we can roughly judge whether there is any influence on the chassis of the car. In general, the chassis height of the family cars are usually 12cm-20cm, and the chassis height of the SUV is larger/better than family cars in such situation. It can reach 30cm, as long as it does not exceed the gap of the car chassis and off the ground, you can directly pass through. If the height of the stone and the chassis is about the same or lower than the height of the chassis, you can drive over the stone to avoid sudden braking or changing lane.

Turn on the Hazard Warning Lights and HOLD TIGHT

However, if the stone is relatively large, it is necessary to quickly observe the road situation and see if it is possible to change lanes. If it is impossible to change lanes, calm down, turn on the Hazard Warning Lights, slow down your vehicle and hold your steering wheel tightly. Try not to let the vehicle run out of control, and observe the road situation to avoid collision and minimize the risk. Do not panic, and don't let the car get out of control.

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