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How to Install Pinalloy Shifter Paddles Extensions?

Pinalloy Auto Accessories

How do you install our Pinalloy Metal Steering Paddle Shifter Extension?

  • Put it right behind your Paddle Shifter on the Sterring Wheel

  • Using our provided tool set (Alien Key and Screws)

  • You may also use 3M tape instead of screws set

More Details on Pinalloy Paddle Shifter Extensions 

  • ONE-PIECE-CUT finished (No any screw on it) 

  • Matte Surface 

  • 1 set of Pinalloy Alloy Paddle Shifter Extension include Left & Right

  • Tools set x 1 

  • Only can use for steering wheel + / - function vehicle

Click here for more details on the sampling paddle shifter extensions

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