Full Review - SKODA Octavia Combi 2.0 TSI 4x4

Full Review - SKODA Octavia Combi 2.0 TSI 4x4

The brand-new fourth-generation SKODA Octavia series, which delivered to European buyers in mid-2020, is completely unafraid of the booming sales of recreational vehicles in the market, and is still the brand's best-selling car series. In Asian market, we have been looking forward to it and finally we have a chance to have a try on this.

It is undeniable that there are more and more options for medium-sized station wagons in the market, However, the main reason for the high popularity of the new fourth-generation SKODA Octavia Combi is that in addition to the advantages of larger size, better space performance and more comprehensive safety protection system at the same price with High-end equipment can be seen on the new fourth-generation SKODA Octavia Combi.

For example, the front/rear LED lamps are not only the trend of new car equipment, but the Matrix LED smart compound-eye headlights and rear dynamic turn indicators, which were only available in luxury brands in the past, are standard features of the new fourth-generation SKODA Octavia Combi. Of course, the most indispensable roof rack for station wagons, the new SKODA Octavia Combi also adopts a new design that reduces wind resistance and is flatly fixed to the roof, creating a more concise and smooth look.

Moreover, the test drive SKODA Octavia Combi 2.0 TSI 4x4 is quite sincere with upgraded wheel frame to 19-inch Becrux style. As for the exterior design, those who are still a little impressed by the SKODA Octavia Combi 3.5 will actually feel that the new car has finally returned to the style that SKODA should have, and the re-sculpted hood fold line and car side shoulder line are more youthful and stylish. Don't lose stability.

Since the Scala, the console design style of SKODA's new car has changed significantly, using multi-level parallel lines to create a comfortable visual experience. In the new fourth-generation SKODA Octavia, the proportion of the central control model is enlarged not only because of the difference in the car frame, but also with unique denim texture, silver trim, multi-mode LED ambient lights in the surrounding cabin, chrome trim on the inner door and leather The combination of seats creates unexpected innovation and maintains a luxurious style. Digital cockpit technology is of course also a major selling point in the new fourth-generation SKODA Octavia. In addition to the 10.25-inch full-screen full-color digital instrumentation and CNS 3.5-generation 10.0-inch touch-sensitive multimedia console as standard equipment, the newly added gesture With the voice control function, it also greatly improves the convenience of use. In particular, many imported cars require an optional HUD projection display, which is standard on the new fourth-generation SKODA Octavia.

As for the differences in the interior of the top model SKODA Octavia Combi 2.0 TSI 4x4, in fact, only the HOD capacitive-sensing three-spoke sports-style flat-handle leather multi-function steering wheel (1.5 TSI e-TEC is also standard), electric adjustable front seats and memory seats and Three-zone constant temperature air conditioner, etc. Others such as Touch Slider digital touch bar, mobile phone wireless charging pad and front/rear seat dual USB jacks (Type-C specification) are standard equipment. The new fourth-generation SKODA Octavia Combi actually only increases the body length by 19mm and the wheelbase by 6mm, but the same is still the best car in its class. Regardless of the rear seat ride performance or the rear luggage volume, all focus on family use. Car buyers greatly appreciate the focus. Of course, in terms of data, such as 320mm of knee space for rear passengers, 640L of standard rear compartment, and 1,700L of seatback leveling, it is needed to mention it for sure :)

The station wagon should not only be handsome in appearance, but also have a little bit of performance in power. The 2.0 TSI turbocharged engine that only SKODA Octavia Combi has, has a maximum horsepower of 190hp and a peak torque output of 32.7kgm, with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and a 4x4 full-time four-wheel drive system, it only takes 7.4 seconds to complete 0- 100km/h acceleration, top speed can reach 229km/h. At this price, the SKODA Octavia Combi 2.0 TSI 4x4 has no direct rival at all.

In terms of actual driving experience, the power transmission characteristics of the SKODA Octavia Combi 2.0 TSI 4x4 are still mild, and even with the blessing of four-wheel drive, there will be no sudden and violent acceleration. At the same time, the Driving Mode Selection, which is only available in this car, provides four options: energy saving, general, sport, and personalization, which can change the response of the accelerator and transmission system according to different road conditions and driving preferences.

In particular, the full-time four-wheel drive system can endow the SKODA Octavia Combi 2.0 TSI 4x4 with better dynamic response. Under certain conditions, 100% of the torque can be transmitted to the rear axle. Combined with the EDL electronic differential lock, it can convert up to 85 % of torque is transmitted to a single wheel. Simply put, through instant torque distribution, the vehicle no longer feels heavy when cornering, especially the station wagon is the most popular and increases the handling flexibility.

Although the SKODA Octavia Combi 2.0 TSI 4x4 wheel frame has been upgraded to 19 inches, the appearance is full of visual tension and the road texture is very clear, but because the suspension system is still oriented towards comfort, the center of gravity shift is slightly more obvious when cornering quickly. It is worth mentioning that the cabin quietness of the new generation SKODA Octavia, such as the sound transmission of the engine room, has indeed improved, but there is still room for improvement in the noise isolation performance of the wheel arch at high speed.

Starting from the new fourth-generation SKODA Octavia, the driver assistance system has also been upgraded to a new generation of smart EYE intelligent driving assistance technology. All models will be equipped with full-speed ACC active fixed-speed follow-up, AEB emergency braking assistance, Front Assist front assist, Lane Assist Protection systems such as Lane Keeping and Departure Warning, Side Assist, Side Blind Spot Warning, Exit Warning, and RTA Rear Traffic Alert are standard equipment.

The focus is on the Travel Assist intelligent vehicle array assistance system, which is only available in the group's mid- and high-end models. Only by pressing a single button on the steering wheel and setting the speed, you can turn on the ACC active constant speed follow-up, Lane Assist lane maintenance and other related functions. Driving assistance at Level 2 can greatly reduce driver fatigue whether cruising at medium or high speed or encountering congested traffic, but remember to remain alert and keep your hands off the steering wheel.

Not to mention the top version of the SKODA Octavia Combi 2.0 TSI 4x4, which is a test drive, all models are equipped with standard driver assistance systems, Matrix LED smart compound eye headlights, high-brightness LED taillights, a complete digital cockpit, and a new generation of voice control. The system, many convenient equipment, etc., coupled with a reasonable price, make the new fourth-generation SKODA Octavia a landmark product in its class.

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