Building Your Project Car

Building Your Project Car

It is cool to have a project car and your project car could represent your style and attitude with certain setup. Here is our tips or commendation:

Choosing a project car - VW Golf Models
VW Golf,a global classic model, Italian designer Giorgio had introduced the first generation of golf into the market since 1974, and the concept of "hatchback" model brought people's attention. The idea of the design on the rare of the car has become a major symbol and a major feature of golf models. Excellent handling, front wheel drive, multi displacement water-cooled four cylinder engine and convenient four door design have laid a solid foundation for the new "national car".

Tips of Modifications:
Because of the modification of BC shock, the height of this Golf 7 is effectively reduced. Wheels of Golf 7 were selected from ADV.1, model ADV05, the size of the front 20x8.5J, the rear 20x9J value, using a double five-spoke shape, gun metal gray color scheme and with white body .It`s concise and greatly durable. In addition to upgrading the system, Golf 7 also modified a German SPEED-BUSTER external computer to upgrade the power. In appearance, the headlights were refreshed. The original headlights are made of halogen without lenses. By replacing the xenon light, add lenses and all Hella plus. it`s hard to resist the temptation of daytime running lights later, direct BUFF plus, SK headlight assembly, supplemented by gold eye fog lamps. BMC style, FORGE pressure relief valve, HGP mid-exhaust tail section. The movement has, low rpm just like the original, a little sound at high rpm, more modified car stance. it is made more attractive by careful matching and accurate modifications.
Modification list:
ADV.1 ADV05 wheel
Knightone Tire 225/30 245/30
BC Shock Absorbers
Germany SPEED-BUSTER external computer
Full leather seat door panels
SK headlight assembly, golden eye fog light
FORGE pressure relief valve, HGP mid-exhaust tail section

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