Who will be the biggest competitor next to Tesla?

Who will be the biggest competitor next to Tesla?

Audi electric car will become Tesla's biggest rival! 3 Audi Electric Cars in lunched in 2021: E-tron, E-tron Sportback and E-tron GT.

Audi has focused its efforts on the electric vehicle market a long time ago, and the speed of its launch in the past two years has been accelerating. It has the opportunity to challenge Tesla's leading position. Moreover, Audi has a wide range of positioning in electric vehicles with different models and suitable for owners of different preferences.

Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron adopts a new electric quattro four-wheel drive system. Daily driving mainly uses rear-mounted motors, equipped with lithium-ion and front and rear dual electric motors, which can output a surging horsepower of up to 300kW and complete 0-100km/h acceleration in 5.7 seconds. The cruising range can reach 417 kilometers, and it can support up to 150kW fast charging. After leaving the factory, the car factory provides a battery warranty plan for 8 years or the first 160,000 kilometers.

E-tron Sportback

Audi E-tron Sportback

The other arrival is the e-tron Sportback of the electric SUV Coupé. It has the spaciousness of an SUV, with a length of 4,901 mm, a width of 1,976 mm and a height of 1,616 mm. With the storage space under the hood, the new car has a capacity of 615 liters. Luggage capacity, which can be increased to 1,655 litres if the rear seats are pulled down, and the Audi e-tron Sportback can recover up to 300 Nm and 220 kW of power when braked from a speed of 100 km/h. Like its sister model, recycling accounts for more than 70% of battery production, giving it a possible range of 452 kilometers.

E-tron GT

Audi E-tron GT

The third is the E-tron GT. Although it has only just been released, it is the first electric car from Audi, because when it was still a concept car, it appeared in "Avengers: Endgame", E - The Tron GT has a horsepower of 590 hp and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3.5 seconds, and it only takes a little more than 12 seconds to run to 200km/h. The top speed is limited to 240km/h.

The E-tron GT was originally expected to develop into a production model by the end of 2020, but due to the epidemic, it was delayed until the summer of this year before it was released in the United States.

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