What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles, gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles, gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles?

The latest report from market research firm Canalys pointed out that from January to June 2021, global electric vehicle sales surged by 160% compared with the same period in 2020 to 2.6 million units, an increase far higher than the 26% of the global auto market, and it means the electric vehicle market is going larger than expected. Tesla (TESLA) leads the market with 15% market share, Volkswagen ranks second with 13%, closely followed by SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) with 11%, BMW, 6%.

What are the advantages of electric vehicles

Why are electric cars so popular? What is the difference between it and gasoline and diesel cars? Why has it become the favorite of many people in recent years?

Electric vehicles: Fuel saving and environment friendly, but high cost of battery replacement

What are the advantages of electric vehicles

The design of electric vehicles is different from traditional fuel vehicles. It has both smoothness and explosive power, good performance, quiet and stable operation, and the electric motor does not need a gearbox, so there will be no shifting shocks, and it is quite comfortable to ride. In addition, because electric vehicles use electricity as energy, they can save money on oil; and because they do not burn gasoline or diesel, they not only do not have to pay fuel taxes, but also do not emit carbon dioxide, which is a great boon for car owners and the environment.

However, the price of electric vehicles is high, and because of the low penetration rate, charging stations are not everywhere like gas stations, and the batteries will deteriorate every year, and their performance will decline after a period of use, and must be replaced. Although some hidden costs need to be considered, it is a good choice for groups with sufficient budget and a living environment that is convenient for charging.

What are the advantages of electric vehicles

If you are really worried about charging and want to respond to environmental protection, you can consider a hybrid vehicle. This is a car with both a gasoline engine and an electric motor. The combination of the two can save fuel, reduce carbon emissions, and use the engine to charge the car. Some models of petrol electric vehicles can be charged by an external power supply, and some models do not even need to be charged, and are completely powered by the engine.

However, compared with fuel vehicles, the price of gasoline-electric vehicles is still high, and although the temperature of the gasoline-electric system is low, it is not easy to break, but the structure is complex, maintenance is relatively difficult, and the cost will be higher. In addition, the battery can not be used permanently, and it will need to be replaced after a period of time.

Gasoline vehicles: many styles, good driving experience, higher fuel consumption and higher fuel cost

What are the advantages of electric vehicle

Gasoline cars are the most common and have many choices, with excellent engine horsepower, especially when accelerating fast and driving on highways; when idling, the vibration of the car body is smaller than that of diesel cars, so the ride comfort and quietness are high, and the gasoline smell is relatively high. It is also less obvious for diesel vehicles, and the overall experience is better. In addition, because the maintenance service is mature and the market parts are abundant, the maintenance cost will be lower than that of electric vehicles and diesel vehicles.

However, the fuel cost of gasoline vehicles is higher on average than the charging cost of electric vehicles, and compared with diesel vehicles, it is not only more fuel-efficient, but also because gasoline prices are inherently more expensive, so the overall cost will be much higher.

Diesel vehicles: high torque, suitable for a large amount of cargo, more noise

What are the advantages of electric vehicles

The advantages of diesel cars are that they have high torque, high starting force, instant acceleration, and easier climbing. Because of these characteristics, diesel vehicles are very suitable for groups who need to drive mountain roads frequently or have a large demand for cargo.

However, even if the technology is very advanced, some diesel engines still produce some noise when driving at low speeds, and although the torque is strong and the performance is excellent at the start, the acceleration ability of the subsequent driving will be inferior to gasoline cars and electric cars.

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