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Steering Wheel Paddle Shifter 101 (FAQ)

DSG Paddle Shifter Extenders How to Use Paddle Shifters When should I shift my paddle shifter?

Steering Wheel Paddle Shifter 101 (FAQ)

Q: Why do we need to use DSG Paddles Shifter? A: The gearbox is a power transmission system, while in various driving conditions such as acceleration, deceleration, cruising, and running, the gearbox ought to constantly process “switch up”. In the era of traditional manual gearboxes where the clutch needs to be stepped on, the shift is completely under the control of the driver. On the other hand, the trip computer of automatic gearbox will do all the shifting actions no matter whether it is automatic or manual. You can turn into D mode all the way and nothing has to be worried. (otherwise, how can it be...

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