Great Buy from KM

Great Buy from KM

Pinalloy Carbon Fiber Key Case

What has me springing out of bed today is being able to test try my new carbon fiber key case from Pinalloys! I was ecstatic upon receiving my package as it came a lot sooner than expected. Unraveling my package did not compare to the excitement rushing through me as I was led to a brand new, sleek and luxurious gift box. Inspecting the very contents, I was surprised at how light weight it was even when the front and back where together.

Compared to other remote key covers, Pinalloy’s carbon fiber key covers are ultra thin, so there’s no worry about having something big and tacky. Reason for this is in the quality production that Pinalloy emphasizes on. Unlike other brands, Pinalloy ensures that 100% pure Carbon fiber is used.

By feeling the weight and strength of the product, one is able to grasp the authenticity. Pinalloy have strong remote key covers because each is woven tightly and precisely with the thin, high tensile strands of carbon fiber. The result makes the material known to be stronger than steel. No wonder this material is also used in aerospace!

Don’t be tricked with other companies who sell imitations of cheap fiber patterns or stickers. Go see what you’re missing. Pinalloys have brand new remote key covers for BMW series 1-7 for 2012 and before. Get your perfectly fitted carbon fiber remote key cover while the great deals are still going!

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