7 Smart Auto Car Accessories

7 Smart Auto Car Accessories

Your car probably isn't the Batmobile but you can still make it look classier. A car accessory can personalize your car and give it an edgier look. Smart auto means your car not only looks better, but also is better. Check out our list of smart auto car accessories and let us know in the comments which one you like best!


  1. Carbon fibre auto key case

This super cool car accessory only serves to enhance your car's smart auto function. Also helps avoid the effects of repeatedly pressing down on the automatic controls of your keys. Plus, with a key case made of carbon fibre, you'll never misplace your keys again! PinAlloy has a lot of choices for you; we've got carbon fibre cases for nearly all luxury car keys, from Audi A3 to Mustang F150.

P.S. some of them are on sale too!


  1. Carbon fibre gear shift cover

Ever been irritated by your gear shift's response? Or felt it was too slippery? A moment's hesitation or reluctance can make a good deal of difference on the road. Get a gear shift cover and make sure you never have to deal with sweaty palms and slick gear shifts ever again. If you want to go a step further, check out the next smart auto device on the list!


  1. Carbon automatic gear box shifter

As earlier stated, your comfort makes a lot of difference when you're on the road. Especially when you're stuck in traffic at a slow crawl and you have to keep shifting gears. This automatic gear box shifter responds to your slightest touch so that you can drive without a care.


  1. Emblem

So maybe this isn't a smart auto car accessory, but it sure does look nice. If you've bought that car you've been after for ages why not indulge yourself a little further and get a mini emblem? Not to show off of course . . . maybe a little. But hey you've earned it!


  1. Paddle shifts

Paddle shifts are perfect for when you're on that long highway drive. They send an electric signal to the clutch, engaging it, so it shift gears automatically. It's like a semi-automatic. If you want to feel in control, this is the way to drive. PinAlloy has a range of paddle shifters- do look through our products.


  1. Media Navigation Centers

While your smart car probably has this already, its an investment worth making. With a simple user interface you can control your media and navigation. It's not difficult to learn and use. It's especially useful during a long solitary drive when there's no passenger to control the music for you.


  1. Sports pedals

For those daring adventurers who want a taste of the thrill of a race, sports pedals are a great option. With their superior rubber surface you can wear flats, sandals, high heels, crocs, and you'll still be comfortable driving.


PinAlloy offers high-quality car accessories and great deals to ensure customer satisfaction. We understand your car accessory needs and we're determined that you never want for anything in that department. Let us know in the feedback if we've fulfilled our purpose.



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